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Welcome to Vflux, the home of simplified vaping. The Vflux journey makes your switch from smoking to vaping easier than ever with expert guidance, continuous support and high quality E-Cigs. Take a step forwards today and stop smoking, start vaping.

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Choose from the finest collection of the world's leading E-Cigs and improve your vaping experience with more vapor, enhanced flavour and flawless designs. Discover your perfect setup today - so that you can enjoy your vape every day.



Delicious, Premium, Perfect. Indulge in a range of the most exquisite E-Liquids and experience the pleasures of sublime flavours. Explore the exotic flavour range today and discover your favourite everyday E-Liquids.



New Vaper

Help Is Here

Experts say that vaping has the power to transform your life. It can help you give up smoking, make you feel great and connect you with millions of other vapers. We believe that your experience should be smooth and enjoyable, so we have put together a guide to answer all of your questions and help you along the way.


A Step Forwards

Starting to vape is now easier than ever and the choice you make is important. This refined selection offers ease of use, great performance and elegant designs - giving you the confidence to vape. Choose your first E-Cig kit today and take the step towards a healthier, cigarette-free lifestyle.


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Superior Performance

Your satisfaction matters and as vapers we understand your desire to improve your vaping experience. This unique selection defines progression in its simplest form, giving you the upgrades you need for superior performance and refined flavour. Discover your perfect setup today – so that you can enjoy your vape every day.






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Send us your favourite setup and tell us what you would like to see on Vflux


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